Time that the composition could not match By Rachna


Time that the composition could not match By Rachna

The disease of arriving late or not coming to any program is an old disease of Nepali artists. A few days ago, hero and model Pal Shah did not reach the media meeting after talking to the media for about 4 hours. Later, he arrived at the event late to give interviews to only a few journalists close to him. The heroine, Empress Rajyalakshmi Shah, had said that she would not talk to the media in a program organized on Wednesday.

Singer Rimal also arrived late for the Dashain Tihar song public program of ‘Khushi Bande Badhch Khushi’ on Wednesday. The singer of this song had reached the end of the composition program. She apologized for being late.

Rachna apologized to the media and the organizers and said, “Recording of the song which was postponed on Tuesday should have been done today.” That is why it was delayed. I had to convince everyone what to do. You would not be happy if you did not come here. Come on, you’re happy. Thankfully the program is not over. ‘

A few months ago, Rachna also modeled on a song of her own. Even in the filming of the video of the song, Rachna had hurried to work saying that there was a recording of the song. Rachna did not even have time to talk to the media at that time.

Whether it’s filming a video or a press conference. When Rachna even gave time for recording her song, it can be seen that she had to arrive late and leave the program early. Prakash Saput, Garima Sharma and others are starring in ‘Khushi Bande Badhch Khushi’ composed and voiced by Mahendra Raj Baral.

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